Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Day 12


Sorry for the lack of updates the last few days. Tmx has been quite busy with work, and I've just been recovering from a cold/flu thing and have been feeling pretty flat and unmotivated. I promise a couple of hot updates in the next few days though.

As the title says, we're now on day 12, and now that I'm pretty much back to 100% after being sick, the URGES have come back tenfold! My balls feel full and are aching to pump one out. Right now I am packing the cage out hardcore (and those of you who aren't too familiar with the cb6000, there's not a whole lot of room in them to begin with!). My attempt at an erection is building up behind the cage and is hard as stone. The skin is pushing right through the 6 airholes on the side of the tube (a design feature i'm not to convinced by - after this challenge I might have to come up with a way of filling them for next time it gets worn).

All day pretty much anything even slightly erotic has been enough to switch my cock on. Even just unintentionally knocking the cage has been enough to remind me of my predicament and make me hard.

Oh, and then there's the amount of precum i awake to soaking my jock in the morning... And morning is the worst time... lol

Wish me luck guys!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hey guys, just letting you know, we're still going strong with this 'game'. Tmx has been busy the last few days but I'm sure he'll have a hot update or two for us all when he's available.

As for me, I'm still pacing along, getting more and more sexually frustrated by the day. Each morning I wake up with more of an urge to just start humping away at anything I can, not that I think it will achieve anything!
And throughout the day my mind refuses to focus much on what I should be focusing on.

I'm already looking forward to the day I get released, but I won't be giving up easily!

- LockedInSydney

Monday, September 13, 2010

A Thought...

It's times like these that one realises how often you jack off to pass boredom...

Saturday, September 11, 2010


LockedInSydney's confined cock

Saturday morning

I woke up so damn horny this morning. Once at about 5am. Then at about 6am. And again at about 8:30am. So I decided I'd just get up, and use all those raging hormones to motivate me to get this blog up-to-date.

My balls were literally ACHING for release! And it's only been a few days. But that's just the morning wood for ya. I've now reined them back under control (sorta!), for now. This whole experience is such a turn-on, just the constant reminder of this cage wrapped tightly around my cock all day makes all the much more hornier.

Where the fun really begun...

On the day of our first meet, I picked up LockedInSyd from the train station and we headed towards the city, we were at a bit of a loss as to finding an appropriate place to swap padlocks, but decided to go to Oxford St for a few drinks and to get to know each other. I mentioned on the drive that I was really keen to get my nipple pierced, as I knew that LockedInSyd had his done. He suggested that we go and see how much it would cost and encouraged me to consider it. When we got to Oxford St we headed straight for Inner Vision tattoo and Piercing in Surry Hills. We were told it was $85 and I signed up straight away. They only took cash so as we went to the ATM to get some money, LockedInSyd said he might be keen to get his other nipple done too. I urged him to get his done, and he didn’t take much convincing. We returned to the parlour cash in hand ready to go. I was a bit disappointed that friends weren’t allowed to go in with you as I thought it would be a good bonding experience and also wanted a bit of moral support, anyway I headed off first and had a silver barbell installed on my left nipple. I was surprised at how well I handled it, I had to suck it up just before I went in LockedINSyd said “Just try not to scream like a girl”… anyway I didn’t make a sound and was quite proud of myself. The pain/pleasure of the piercing caused me to fill out my cb6000 quite rapidly! It actually ended up being a most enjoyable experience. LockedInSyd followed also not making a sound having the same barbell installed in his right nipple.

We then headed of for some beers at the Oxford hotel. It didn’t take long till I felt the urge to slip my hand down the back of LockInSyd’s jeans to feel the waist band of his Cin2 jockstrap. It felt amazing and left my cock aching inside the cb6000. After some subtle gropes of each others cages and a few beers later we decided we should go grab some dinner.
On the way to dinner we decided to stop by my place to drop off the car and pick up a jacket, but boys will be boys and the 5 min stop off turned into over an hour of making out. Prior to our meeting there had been some debate over whether we should have a final cum together before the swap. Needless to say our hormones gave in and that’s exactly what end up happening.. Interestingly enough during our play LockedInSyd’s cb6000 split in half (not an uncommon problem), something I was quite impressed with!

After hours of teasing and tormenting and sucking each other's now released cocks, we finally came - Marking the beginning of our competition. We both were now in the same situation. Had cum together, locked pretty much at the same time (due to having to repair LockedInSydney's cb6000 - he wore his old 2000 for a couple of hours while the glue dried), and both now being in matching devices.

So we swapped padlocks, just to be certain that there were no spare keys. Just to process of personally locking the padlock onto Tmx360's cage was such a massive turn-on.

Not long after this, we parted ways for the day, each to now reflect on the new status of their locked manhood.

This was 2 days ago, and basically brings us now up-to-date. From here on in, the posts will essentially be updates on what's happening, how it all feels, and anything else we deem relevant to the whole experience